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    Righteous Causes

    Bringing together investors, founders, and consultants for positive social change



Membership on the Righteous Causes platform gives angel investors access to our portfolio of new and interesting founders to fund and mentor.


With the funds raised from an investor, our founders work with vetted, world-class consultants to overcome the initial hurdles of starting a company.


Our network of trusted service providers help founders get from Series A to B and beyond and give investors confidence that their investment is spent well.



Legal barriers can be daunting, we can reduce the headache of establishing your enterprise.



Crafting a noticeable and positive identity will help your strengths
shine in the long run.


Business & Life Coaching

From one-on-one, to team sessions, our coaching
can help develop morale and skill.



Your time is precious, and decisions are important. Let us help with
the paperwork.


Financial Resource Development

Capital is fuel for a business enterprise, and
understanding its dynamics is a vital skill.



We believe that businesses can be extremely profitable and also have a positive social impact on the world. Actually, we think businesses like these are vital to our society. For too long, social impact and profit have been seen as clashing ideals. At Righteous Causes, we are bridging this gap to show that people, plant, and profit are not mutually exclusive. As social entrepreneurs themselves, our co-founders, Ford Seeman and Elizabeth David-Dembrowsky, noticed from personal experience a lack of funding and resources for social entrepreneurs like themselves. Together, they created Righteous Causes to fill that need and to help grow more companies doing good in the world. We hope you will join us.
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Bringing together investors, founders,
and consultants for positive social change


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    Good Counsel Services

    Righteous Causes was such a gift – underwriting costs that have been on our wish list for ages – we were finally able to get access to fundraising and marketing consultants to help evaluate our work to date and prepare vital materials for our mostly volunteer-based teams. Their consultants were top notch and our organization is stronger and better equipped. Thank you!

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    Forest Founders

    As an entity, we were stuck. We weren’t getting the conversions we deserved and our developer had exhausted all of his ideas. We applied for Righteous Causes and trusted in their process. Their business development team was excellent. They helped pinpoint pain points that we were having a hard time seeing and helped us spend our resources on creative consultants who had the solutions. We ended up changing our narrative and story and made tailored landing pages for our different audiences. We feel much more confident in our offerings now!

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    Future Meets Present

    I love the RC team. Imagine going into what you think will be a “traditional” meeting, and when your host asks how you’re doing, they welcome an answer from your whole self. The RC team understands that the challenges of the entrepreneurial process aren’t only about business planning and raising capital, but also about patience, camaraderie, and personal development. This is a group in which I feel heard, seen, and supported as both a visionary and a human.

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Have a great business idea, interested in funding one, or want to work with a founder? We want to hear from you! Whether you are an early stage social entrepreneur in need of some capital and human resources, an angel investor seeking new ventures to fund, or a consultant in one of our service sectors, we hope you will get in touch. Send us a message!

1-818-818-0717Centre for Social Innovation, 601 W. 26th St. #325-108, New York, New York 10001