Using Technology to Develop Entrepreneurial Innovations for Positive Social Change


Righteous Causes is a newly launched benefit corporation whose mission is to use technology to support social change. A hybrid angel investor meets service corps, we invest in and own technology to support and incubate social impact. Our network of trusted service providers work together under our platform to create a unique efficiency and value for our entrepreneurs. From legal services to create the entity, to the marketing that will establish it within the industry, Righteous Causes reduces the daunting barriers of entry for budding businesses. Separately, RCauses also acts as a booster by increasing exposure and facilitating interaction between entrepreneurs and Angel investors. Ultimately, we see that change is people driven, and believe that our platform will help those with ambition realize their dreams toward a brighter future for our world.


Angel Investors


We help Social Good Entrepreneurs (SGE’s) with resources and opportunity to overcome the initial hurdles of starting a company.


Membership on the Righteous Causes platform will give you first-look access to our database of projects, as soon as they become available.


Our platform provides the opportunity to fund new and interesting projects, via subscription. While our services allow SGEs to raise capital and receive support from vetted, world-class consultants.


We highlight the noteworthy founders in your sector and give you the ability to contact them if they are the right fit. 


1. Submit Your Idea

Do you have a socially beneficial business idea? Submit your idea, explain the passion behind it, and we can connect you with potential investors.

2. Raise Capital

On our platform, your project will be accessible to several investors across the SGE sector who are looking to invest in companies like yours!

3. Receive Coaching

Choose from vetted, world-class consultants. Choose services a-la-carte or pick from one of our full packages. 

4. Grow Your Business

With our help you’ll have the tools to get from seed to Series A to B and beyond! It is in our shared interest for you to be successful. 

Diverse businesspeople negotiating at group meeting led by african woman leader gathered together in office modern interior rich corporation. Client and boss discuss project, coach teach staff concept



Legal barriers can be daunting, we can reduce the headache of establishing your enterprise.


Crafting a noticeable and positive identity will help your strengths shine in the long run.


Your time is precious, and decisions are important. Let us help with the paperwork.

Business & Life Coaching

From one-on-one, to team sessions, our coaching can help develop morale and skill. 

Financial Resource Development

Capital is fuel for a business enterprise, and understanding its dynamics is a vital skill. 

Human Resource Development

A team is a precious resource, take the steps to maximize their effectiveness. 

Packages We Offer for SGE's


  • Comprehensive consultations and implementation provided from two of our six service areas.

A la Carte

  • Select services as needed from a menu provided by each of our world-class consultants.


  • Comprehensive consultations and implementation provided from four of our six service areas.


  • Comprehensive consultations and implementation provided from all six of our service areas.