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About Righteous Causes

Our Mission

Righteous Causes is a benefit corporation whose mission is to accelerate social impact founders by connecting them to human and capital resources.

Our Vision

To drive entrepreneurship as a vessel for social change.

Our Problem

There are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in the United States and millions across the globe working in the social impact space. However, many lack the necessary support and expertise to become successful. On top of that, most people view social impact and profit as clashing ideals.

Our Solution

We’re a one stop shop for the growth of social impact entrepreneurs. We increase exposure and facilitate interaction between entrepreneurs, angel investors, and CSR programs. Then, with the funds raised, you’ll get to work with our network of trusted service providers under our platform to create a unique efficiency and value for your venture. From fundraising, to legal services to create the entity, to the marketing that will establish it within the industry, Righteous Causes reduces the daunting barriers of entry for budding businesses. Ultimately, we see that change is people driven, and believe that our platform will help those with ambition realize their dreams toward a brighter future for our world.

We found that the majority of research on the relationship between social and financial performance shows a positive correlation – this means that more socially responsible companies actually make more money. Righteous Causes is bridging social impact and profit by highlighting up-and-coming founders, connecting them to our network of funders, and matching them with our consultants for their growth.

Our Founders

Co-founders Elizabeth and Ford have the backgrounds and expertise that have formed the perfect union to lead our mission. Elizabeth, having worked as a nonprofit executive and attorney in the field for many years, saw firsthand the countless capable, impressive social impact leaders who had great ideas but lacked the business expertise or financial connections to fully launch. Ford, after a few years on Wall Street, got involved in the startup world as an entrepreneur, board member, and angel investor. Growing frustrated with the inefficiencies of angel networks, Ford and Elizabeth came together to find a solution – a benefit corporation to lift up social impact funders, founders, and consultants and their righteous causes.

Our Social Impact

When it came time to incorporate, Ford knew Righteous Causes would become a benefit corporation. A benefit corporation is an organization that seeks to provide a public benefit to all its stakeholders, in addition to its fiduciary duties to its shareholders. It is an entity type that makes an organization legally obligated to provide a public benefit. The benefit corporation adds legal security for entrepreneurs that want the triple bottom line business model (people, planet, and profit) to stay intact even if the firm experiences a change in leadership or goes public. Instead of incorporating as a nonprofit, the benefit corporation provides a ready-made option for entrepreneurs who want to balance social goals with traditional profit-seeking objectives. Our mission is to increase our impact by helping social entrepreneurs grow and to encourage the use of the benefit corporation business model among our founders.

Interested in joining our mission? Submit a founder application or sign up as a funder.