Frequently Asked Questions

What is Righteous Causes?

Righteous Causes is a benefit corporation dedicated to helping bridge the barriers between social impact and profitability. To do this, we help to pair founders with experienced angel investors, grants from CSR programs, and consultants in order to help bring positive social change.

How are we different?

Righteous Causes differentiates from other accelerator programs as we provide smaller amounts of capital ($5,000; $10,000; $20,000; $30,000) which allows funders to dip their toe in multiple, diverse ventures and see progress and growth before investing more. For founders, we are able to not only connect them to professionals who can help execute their business needs, but also provide a way for them to pay for services without incurring debt. Furthermore, founders have true flexibility to target areas where they need the most help. Finally, as a benefit corporation, we focus on the growth of social impact entrepreneurs to help show that business can be profitable and also produce a positive social benefit.

How does it work?

Righteous Causes works to facilitate financial inclusion through our three-pronged ecosystem consisting of funders, founders, and consultants. Righteous Causes is able to connect founders to consultants and angel investors or CSR grants and act as the bridge to provide business expertise and funding all in the name of social good.

For Funders

Who can be funders?

Any accredited investor or corporation that is passionate about helping to finance startups dedicated towards achieving positive social impact can sign up to become a funder on the Righteous Causes platform.

Does Righteous Causes charge fees?

Righteous Causes does not charge fees to funders. However, we do offer a subscription of $100 per month for angel investors that grants access to our first-look feature which includes the ability to see new founders 2 weeks before they are available to other funders on our platform.

How does the funding process work?

The funding process works by allowing angel investors and CSR programs to access a network of vetted social impact entrepreneurs who we see as having great potential. Then, funders can choose which companies they want to invest in and receive weekly progress reports from the founders they finance. To learn more about the funding process, click here.

How much can I fund?

We allow funders to choose from three packages for each of their investments: $5,000; $10,000; $20,000; and $30,000. These smaller investments allow funders to see progress and growth before investing more and also to choose multiple projects so that they can expand their impact.

How do I contact the company for extra vetting and general communication?

To contact the company and/or founder, you can message them directly on our platform.

For Founders

What type of companies are helped by Righteous Causes?

Righteous Causes helps pre-seed companies that are driven by a desire to enact positive social impact in society.

What does Righteous Causes look for in an applicant?

When reviewing applicants, Righteous Causes looks for great ideas with a strong social impact driven by founders with relevant expertise and a commitment to their vision. Specifically, we look for applicants that have success stories already and that would be likely funded by angel investors or CSR programs.

What kind of services are provided?

We provide targeted help depending on each company’s individual needs that include legal, marketing, accounting, business and life coaching, and financial resource development. This way, companies can hone in on whatever they need the most work in order to advance to the next stage of growth.

What does the vetting process for consultants entail?

The vetting process for consultants entails a variety of different factors. We look at a consultant’s referrals and past experiences to ensure that they have the expertise in their field. Further, we also look for consultants that have had experiences working with startups, so that they can be the best suited for our founders.

How can I raise capital through Righteous Causes?

If accepted, a founder’s profile will appear on our website and be visible to our network of funders. Founders are able to raise capital from our funders who are passionate about social impact and can help finance a company’s next steps. For more information on how to raise, click here.

What does it cost to work with Righteous Causes?

To work with Righteous Causes, there is a $150 application fee. This is the only charge we make to founders. If accepted and funded by an angel investor, founders will work with investors to determine an amount of equity that will be exchanged.

How can I communicate with funders through Righteous Causes?

Founders can communicate with funders directly through the Righteous Causes messaging platform on our website.