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Return To Center Meditation

We have the capabilities to return back to our center for deep innerpeace, calm, and connection with our truest selves no matter what is happening around us. Join Kelly in returning back to our center to maximize our mental, physical, and spiritual health with this short reset.

The Mentor Project: Life’s a Journey & It’s Created By The Stories We Tell Into The Heartspace Podcast with Kelly Keefe

Welcome to Into The Heartspace - your space for heartfelt conversations, all things energy, creative expression, and conscious lifting content. Tune in here for solo episodes with Reiki Master & Transformation Guide Kelly Keefe as she navigates topics of Spiritual Awakening, Vibrational Medicine, and Owning Your Path. She...

Entrepreneur On Fire: How To Reach Your Goals, Optimize Happiness & Achieve Self-Mastery with Kelly Keefe

Kelly is a serial social entrepreneur helping people live connected to their highest self. The Founder of Heartspace, RisingLeaders, and the Heartspace Healing Academy, she offers online courses, coaching, training, and services in energy healing, meditation, alignment, emotional intelligence, and more. She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher,...