Anna Konstantinova

Anna Konstantinova is a brand strategist, writer, and sustainability advocate. She is currently consulting on strategy for sustainability and innovation initiatives. Anna served as the Director of Strategy at Terri & Sandy and KWG working on brands such as Fererro Rocher, Gold Bond, Perricone MD and Disney. Prior to that she worked on the Strategy for Ford Motor Company, Hersheys, Samsung and Jergens on the agency side in addition to having her own consulting practice. She attended Boston University for Advertising and partook in continuing education at The Miami Ad School and The Wharton School of Business. Anna learned improv at UCB Theater in New York City and currently sits on the board of Sundara. She helped found SecondHouse in 2016, and has worked with female-led brands such as Ettitude, Sunscoop and Marvé. Anna is a proud member of Camel Assembly, an ambassador at Sweetgreen, a volunteer for Frontline Foods, a member of Summit Series and The Founders Pledge. She is currently consulting with Top Tier Impact and the United Nations backed AWorld. Anna is based in Brooklyn and tries to spend as much time outside as possible.


  • Brand Strategy (identifying, solidifying, optimizing and storytelling)
  • Brand POV (how the brand sees the world and their main outlook on the category and lifestyle)
  • Brand Positioning (where the brand sees itself, where it fits in and how it acts in the world)
  • Brand Mission (the brand’s why- why are we here)
  • Brand Pillars (What does this brand stand for, the foundation from which we make decisions)
  • Tone of Voice (How the brand sounds in the world, what it does and does not say)
  • Target Identification and Optimization
  • Persona Creation
  • Research Design (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Deck Optimization
  • Ongoing Brand Optimization
  • Partnership Identification
  • Creative/Partnership Discussions/Briefings
  • Social Strategy
  • Email Strategy
  • App/Website Strategic Alignment with Brand
  • Further Business Development