Atlas Center for Nonprofits

Financial Resource Development
Atlas Center for Nonprofits

The Atlas Center for Nonprofits is one of the only nonprofit capacity-building organizations catering specifically to movement-based organizations. Atlas is specifically aimed at strengthening the collective capacity of the nonprofit sector by increasing the sustainability of movement-based organizations and enabling them with the tools needed to win a progressive justice-based agenda. Atlas is uniquely equipped to address the needs of non-profit organizations, regardless of budget size, age, or institutional history. Atlas has become an integral partner to a number of social justice organizations across a myriad of critical issues such as: dismantling the School-To-Prison pipeline, equity in NYC Public Schools, low voter turnout, criminal justice reform, providing immigrants with high-quality jobs, promoting and defending the human rights of immigrants, supporting youth organizing, and eliminating food deserts via urban farming. Atlas works to help support organizations’ fundraising, data, professional development & equity needs at a low cost that allows them to focus funds on critical programmatic work – where it belongs. In 2019, Atlas has raised over $1.9 million in successful grants and over $600,000 of new grants for our partner organizations, while saving our partners an average of 70% on fundraising costs.


  • Fundraising
  • Sustainable Funding Plan
  • Proposal Writing
  • Information Systems, Data and Impact
  • Organization Development
  • Database Management Design
  • Leadership, Development and Equity
  • Leadership Training
  • Human Resources