our Benefits


Do you have a socially beneficial business idea? Apply to submit your idea, explain the passion behind it, and we can help you bridge the gap between impact and profit.


On our platform, your venture will be accessible to funders from all industries who are looking to support and mentor companies like yours.


With funds secured, choose from vetted, world-class consultants to work with at a great rate. You can explore our micro funding packages and we will work with you to determine the right fit.


With our help you will have the tools to get from seed to Series A to B and beyond! Our mission is to uplift you and your righteous cause.

Our Model

We want to help good people with great ideas. If you have one, submit an application to our program and you will hear back about next steps within two weeks. Should you be a good fit, we will set up an interview and do our vetting. Once accepted onto our platform, you will get access to our resources page where you will find blogs, videos, and toolkits suggested and created by our consultants to serve as guides for your growth. You will also be available for funding. We cannot guarantee funding, but we only accept the founders that we think have a good chance. If you are funded by an investor or CSR program, you will use that money to work with our top-notch consultants on a wide array of specialties to fit your needs. Our goal is to fund and grow your business to see positive social change.