How to grow

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    Get to know our consultants and coaches

    Getting accepted into our program gives you access to use our chat function to schedule Discovery Calls with our consultants and coaches. These free-of-charge 30 minute calls help to make sure you find the right fit. We encourage you to speak with multiple consultants in each service you are interested in to determine the best fit for you. We also believe in the power and necessity of coaching. Therefore, every founder that is accepted to our platform will receive a coaching package as part of your funding, and you can use your Discovery Calls to find the right coach for you.


    Select your consultants

    After having Discovery Calls with the consultants and coaches of interest, you will first select a coach. Then, you will use the rest of your funding package to pick and choose from the $5k, $10k, and $15k packages that each consultant offers to add up to your funding total. For example, if you receive the Silver ($20k) funding package from an investor, you can work with 2-4 consultants, depending on what services you need and how you choose to allocate your funds. To secure a consultant and coach, you can click the “work with ___” button on their profile and we will work with you both to finalize the proposal and terms of agreement.



    Track and communicate your progress

    Get to work! Together, you and your consultant will create a schedule based on the designated timeline and scope of work. You are required to send us brief, weekly progress reports on what you accomplished during the week. If nothing major happened in a week, just tell us what is on the horizon. This shows us – and your funder – the progress you have made through our platform.


    Graduate from Righteous Causes

    Our hope is that after going through our program, you will have the funding and resources to bring you to the next round and stage of your venture. If you are interested in more funding, speak with your funder to see if they would finance another package through our platform. If you are all set on funding, but would like to continue working with our consultants out of pocket, feel free to do so. We want to help fund and grow your righteous cause!