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We act as a third-party quality control officer by carefully vetting every venture so you don’t have to.


By helping to incubate underserved social impact founders, your impact lasts a lifetime and adds to a company’s brand.


Funding our micro packages will allow you to dip your toe in the water, spread your impact across multiple ventures, and diversify your portfolio.


Get the opportunity to provide hands-on guidance to our founders independently or through an employee volunteerism program.

Premium Subscription Services

Signing up on the Righteous Causes platform means gaining access to a full portfolio of vetted founders. When you sign up, you’ll have the option to subscribe at $100 per month which unlocks our first-look feature. This notifies you immediately when a new founder is added to our platform so that you can get first right of refusal for the first and second rounds before anyone else. When new founders are added to our portfolio, they are only visible to our subscribed funders for two weeks after which they become visible to the public. We highly recommend opting in to our subscription when you sign up to make sure you do not miss out on great investments.

Special Projects

Righteous Causes was established to accelerate social impact founders who face barriers to gaining human and capital resources. We focus our work through special projects aimed at supporting minority, female, and eco-founders. Through these projects, we act as a third-party solution matching CSR program dollars to underserved founders who use the funding to work with our world-class consultants to grow their businesses. By way of these initiatives, corporations can feel closer to their impact area of choice and work with us to continue to build a better future for our world.

Minority Founders Not only do minority founders make up a disproportionately small percentage of all startup founders, but they also have a harder time securing resources. We are helping BIPOC, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, veterans, and people with diverse abilities get their companies off the ground.  
Female Founders continue to face barriers in accessing the resources to start and grow their companies. That’s why we are steadfast in supporting social impact startups with at least one identifiable female founder. Women-led businesses means more diversity in the workforce and more inclusion for marginalized groups.  
Eco-Founders Business plays an essential role in ensuring a clean environment for future generations. We seek founders who are transforming the social impact sector by finding new and innovative ways to reduce the world’s carbon footprint. Our founders are solving issues like global warming, pollution, and the increasing scarcity of natural resources through the development of businesses based on the principle of sustainability.  

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