Modern Day SuperHero: The Business Activist

Modern Day SuperHero: The Business Activist

Why us? Why now?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - Buckminister Fuller

When I first heard the phrase “conscious capitalism,” I didn’t realize that capitalism had been the largest force for positive social transformation in history. More than religion or communism, it has lifted humanity out of poverty through voluntary exchange. One of my greatest partners and advocates for conscious capitalism is Righteous Causes, a newly launched benefit corporation whose mission is to use technology to develop entrepreneurial innovations for positive social change. Righteous Causes is working to bridge the gap and show that people, planet, and profit are not mutually exclusive.

In the activist world, people tend to think that capitalism is the problem. John Mackey helped me see that capitalism can be part of the solution. In some of my circles, I hear, “Get rid of all the ‘isms’: racism, capitalism,” etc. I agree that capitalism today is out of control. But capitalism itself is just a tool. It’s not inherently evil. It’s all in how you use it.

We do need a new economic model, but that doesn’t mean getting rid of the one that has brought so much benefit to people all over the world. Instead what we need to do is change both capitalism and activism by merging the two in a new synthesis. We need a new paradigm that can bring business and world service together in a powerful way. Lifting people out of poverty was never the conscious intention of business; it was the by-product of a business well enacted. What if it was done consciously, with the intention to create more community, more mutuality, and paradoxically, more profit, by engaging everyone in the system?

Walking the Hero’s Journey

To me, being an entrepreneur is like being a modern day superhero. It’s a direct path to personal development and growth. Having an entrepreneurial spirit means seeing a need and learning how to fulfill that need. You have to go through a series of tests to reach eventual success. You must face rejection and fail at least a hundred times to find a relative sweet spot. Your ideas and sense of security will waver often. You must be willing to transform who you are to become more of who you want to be. The path to discovering who you are must come through your relationships -- with your customers and clients, and with your partners and team players. In this way, intimacy and trust become core business values.

Being an activist and a capitalist today requires a willingness to see all sides, feel your emotions deeply and be willing to transform, by engaging the hard stuff while opening our hearts. Finding our way through the uncertainty and trauma of our time requires all the imagination and courage that we have.

That’s why, with the help of Righteous Causes, we are launching The School for Impossible Activism to provide skills, tools, and leadership for a co-creative world. Our dream is to drive large scale policy, behavior, and infrastructure systems change through a selection of the highest leverage initiatives focused on climate change, valuing viewpoint diversity, constructive engagement, conscious capitalism and solution-oriented politics.

We believe that by helping people work together better and find common ground despite our differences, we’ll be able to reinvent the world and co-create innovative approaches to our most urgent and challenging issues. We’ve done a series of experiments throughout the year prior to initiating the school.

Three days before the 2020 presidential election, we launched our second online Impossible Summit. For 3 days we brought together pioneering visionaries, activists, and change agents from around the world who led inspirational talks, insightful discussions and practical workshops helping to bridge the gap, shine the light and heal the path.

In the spring, our first 5-day summit focused on “Doing the Impossible.” We featured 60 plus who have achieved impossible things, showcased innovative projects from all over the world, and helped others who wanted to realize their own impossible dreams with a series of practical workshops. Throughout the summer, we continued for 90 days with weekly programming to continue to deep dive into these topics.

We called the events “Impossible” because seemingly impossible ideas have changed the world throughout time. Against all odds, with no budget, with an all volunteer team, and in the thick of the COVID pandemic, we modeled what it takes to do the impossible and make dreams come to life. Now my team and I are building our school to continue the deeper work.

Through a selection of digital courses, seminars, talks & trainings, taught by our community of leading visionaries, activists, and change agents from around the world, we’re driving innovation, engaging in empathy, and connecting the dots at the intersection of social, economic and climate issues.

The School of Impossible Activism will be a member’s education and a subscription-based community platform focused on developing humanity’s full empathetic, creative, and collaborative potential around our most pressing issues.

We feel the timing couldn’t be more perfect. E-learning is the future. Not only do our current affairs point in this direction, there are also more people today looking to improve every aspect of their lives and make an impact in the world. We are siked to tap into this multi-trillion dollar global wellness industry paved by the personal development industry.

We’re currently in the middle of producing 12 digital courses led by dynamic leaders and facilitators from various sectors specializing in their fields. We hope to launch the opening of our school in February 2021. Please stay tuned and then join us in demystifying the impossible. Together we can be heroes and reinvent the world starting inside of our relationships — changing the world one impossible relationship at a time while inspiring heart centered activism worldwide.

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