Colette InStep Consulting

InStep Consulting supports Black, Indigenous, and other women of color to heal from collective, historical, and personal trauma by offering culturally-competent programs and services.

Mission: Our vision is that BIPOC women can fully express their emotions and feelings, process and release traumatic experiences, and have their stories validated without fear of reprisal. Our mission is to create safe spaces for intuitive, healing experiences where they can feel supported, loved, and cared for.

Business model: Our proposed business model is subscription-based and will allow premium users to access culturally-competent wellness content and group healing experiences. Later in the development cycle, we anticipate creating a double-sided marketplace in which premium users can contact curated wellness providers from the Libbie app book virtual EFT-Tapping sessions. We also anticipate establishing partnerships with government groups, healthcare providers, and employers to help their members, patients, and employees achieve better mental health outcomes using the Libbie app.

Industry: Technology, Health, Wellness

  • Our product is Libbie, an automated conversational agent (or chatbot) designed to offer users emotional support using the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short. Libbie is an accessible, culturally-competent, evidence-based, and intuitive solution for mental well-being.
  • EFT-Tapping is a powerful healing method that involves gentle stimulation of key acupressure points to reduce stress, anxiety, and other trauma.
  • The overall response to our Libbie prototypes have been very positive, including the following testimonials:
  • “Great prototype!!! Nice and straight-forward, and the experience was well-organized.”
  • “I love the idea of having a chatbot that you talk to!”
  • “I love this! It’s going to be so helpful for many. You’ve made a process that seems so daunting, more simplified, and easy to follow.”
Greatest needs: Financial Resource Development, IT Solutions