Richard Populemetry

Populemetry gives people who don’t invest the confidence to start investing money and generating real wealth.

Mission: To spread the wealth.

Business model: Customers will pay a 1.00 USD transaction fee for each order to trade tokens created using the web or mobile app which provides access to the marketplace. Optionally, customers will also pay for monthly or annual subscriptions that allow them to make a limited or unlimited number of transaction requests with no fees. Ultimately, syndicating access to the marketplace allows Populemetry to reach more customers and encourage both new and existing businesses to contribute to the goal of creating more opportunities for sustainable economic growth to as many people as possible.

Industry: Financial Services

  • An application to help people who think investing in stock is too complicated and too time consuming to quickly get started investing money in something that is relatable and easy to understand with a marketplace where people can invest money in the popularity created by entertainment like music, movies, and TV shows.
Greatest needs: Legal/Incorporation, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource Development