Francesco StocKnack

StocKnack is an IOS app that brings together music listeners across streaming platforms and different devices to discover and share and support music together.

Mission: To Inspire the world to discover more great music!

Business model: Our Knack value is a one of a kind ranking system for musicians that compiles their social and music data into a single “stock” like value that represents their career. Fans use this system to discover the next big artist before the rest of the world. In doing so they will get “impact” points that create their music identity as well as give them access to exclusive content and rewards. The smaller the musician the greater the rewards for fans! We facilitate music sharing and discovery using our first ever cross platform music sharing feature. Users can share and stream songs directly in the app regardless of their streaming service or device.StocKnack gets a commission on every transition in the app. Some of these include: donations to artists, merchandise, concert tickets, music equipment, and NFTs.

Industry: Technology, Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

  • IOS app
  • Built a team of visionaries
  • Built 2 proprietary algorithms that will enable features never done before in the music industry
  • Bringing together the user base of Spotify and apple music
Greatest needs: Marketing, Financial Resource Development, Human Resource Development