Ryan Wordtango

WordTango provides a service to people who would like to improve their English communication skills.

Mission: To solve the problem most English learners face of insufficient and ineffective language practice. Due to this problem, most learners never become conversational in English even after years of studying.

Business model: Have customers buy subscriptions to the service. Customers will purchase from 3 subscription options, with each option containing a number of conversation lessons. After a year or two of providing this service to individual customers, we plan to approach educational institutions to provide this service as a supplemental way for students to practice their communication skills.

Industry: Technology, Educational Services

  • Online interactive and immersive conversation 25-30 minute lessons with a native English speaker. The conversation lessons are guided by content on a topic of the learner’s choice. The content provides effective exercises to challenge the learner to speak with the native speaker by using common phrases and words throughout the half hour.
  • Our greatest success was having over 50 customers use our service and generating over $10,000 in revenue from it. We learned a lot about how we can automate some parts of the service and how we can make both our customers and service providers happy.
Greatest needs: Marketing, Accounting, IT Solutions